Frequently Asked Questions

The average number of leads on a typical campaign is 10-40 leads.

A campaign last for approximately 30 days.

The number of closed deals is highly dependent upon each investor’s skill-level and strategy.

We do not allow customers to run campaigns with the same exact criteria simultaneously.

No. We do not resell leads.

Although all calls are completed on our own personal servers and PBX system, we still require all customers to purchase a Vumber account.

Vumber allows the customer to use a caller ID that is local to their area, it allows us to forward incoming calls directly to our call center, and it allows the customer to continue receiving calls from homeowners in their personal account after the campaign is concluded.

Vumber is a third-party program that we are not partners of, or affiliated with, and we do not guarantee that Vumber will record inbound or outbound call logs or voice recordings accurately, if at all.

Our system keeps separate logs of all calls made on your campaign. These logs are exported via csv/excel and relayed to the customer at the end of each campaign.

On average, we make approximately 3 phone calls per prospect. This includes returning missed calls and voicemails made to your Vumber account.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

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